NIR Borescope 640

A short-wavelength radiometric infrared borescope imaging camera for continuous temperature measurement in furnace applications with a higher differential temperature in the field of view.


Measuring in a range from 600 to 2000°C (1112 to 3632°F), the NIR-Borescope-640 (NIR-B-640) provides a high-resolution thermal image with real-time, continuous, high-accuracy temperature readings.

It utilises the latest wide dynamic range imaging technology, providing the highest available temperature reading accuracy over the entire wide temperature range, for accurate, continuous temperature profiling of the furnace and stock.

The NIR-B-640 uses advanced near-infrared spectral filtering to provide a clear view into the furnace gases, allowing highly accurate temperature measurement point data to be taken, stored, and trended over the lifetime of the furnace.

An advanced near infrared spectral filtering system provides a clear view through the furnace gases, allowing highly accurate temperature measurement point data to be taken, stored and trended over the lifetime of the furnace.

With specially designed image and data processing software that supports long-term data trending, the NIR-B-640 is ideal for applications in cement kiln and cyclone furnaces, reheat furnacescontinuous casting (zone 1)heat treatment and annealing furnaces.

Utilising AMETEK Land’s latest wide dynamic range imaging technology, the NIR-B-640 can accurately measure ‘cold’ and ‘hot’ areas in one frame or image. This allows the entire process to be monitored without switching to different temperature ranges during operation.

The high-resolution image, combined with the wide-angle (90o) field of view, allows multiple areas in the lane to be imaged and measured simultaneously. With advanced digital communications, the image and data can be viewed in real-time in a safe area control room..


The performance of the furnace can be monitored and optimised through the IMAGEPro thermal imaging software package. This easily identifies hot and cold areas and visualises uneven heating, with corrections viewed in real time.

The NIR-B-640 is AMETEK Land’s thermal imaging solution for prolonging furnace lifetime, optimising production throughput, reducing energy consumption and improving stock temperature.

NIR Borescope 2K Field of View

Distance Width Height FOV
1.0 m 2m 1.5m 3.1mm
5.0 m 10m 7.5m 15.6mm
10.0 m 20m 15m 31.2mm
15.0 m 30m 22m 46.8mm
20m 40m 30m 62.5mm


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Datasheet AMETEK Land NIR Borescope 640


Website AMETEK Land – NIR Borescope 640


Measurement Range: 600 – 2000 °C / 1112 – 3632 °F
Pixel Resolution: 640 x 480
Spectral Response: 1 μm
Frame Rate: 7.5 fps (full frame mode)
Detector: FPA – Semiconductor
Optic (HFOV x VFOV): 90° x 67.5°
Optic (IFOV): 2.4 mrad (90°)
Focus Range: 1 m to infinity
Probe Diameter: Ø 61mm / Ø 2.4”
Probe Length: 305, 610 or 915 mm (12”, 24” or 36”)
Mountings: Choice of 3” ANSI 150 RF Flange & Gasket or PN16 DN80 Flange & Gasket with a 12” standpipe
Protection Window: Sapphire
Accuracy: 1% of reading (K)
Repeatability: 1 K
Dimensions: 254 x 560 x 810 mm* (* or 1120 or 1420 mm); 10 x 22 x 32 in** (** or 44 or 56 in)
Power Rating: 21.6 – 26.4 V dc, 0.6 A
Weight: < 25 kg (for 609 mm / 24 in version)
Environmental Rating: IP65
Connections: Digital data over 100 M Ethernet (M12, 8 pin)
Service: Water, instrument air, power input, located to the rear of the enclosure
Components: Power supply (PSU) / Ethernet communications box (ECB)
FCB – Environmental Rating: IP65
Size: 174 x 93 x 56 mm / 6.5 x 3.6 x 2.2 in (PSU) / 230 x 200 x 115 mm / 9.1 x 7.9 x 4.5 in (ECB)
Weight: 1.2 kg / 2,5 lbs (PSU) / 0.8 kg / 1.7 lbs (ECB)
Connections: Light fiber data connection as an option
Software: IMAGEViewer & IMAGEPro Advanced Image Processing and Controlling Software
Workstation: PC-Workstation (option)
Interfacing: Open Data Interface, Modbus TCP, Moxa I/O unit
Optional Accessories: Power supply, cables, water cooled/purged mounting and tube, software, workstation, auto-retraction systems